Are There Different Types Of Cordless Window Treatment Options In New Brunswick?

They’re a lot of different reasons why people in New Brunswick love cordless shades or shutters. They have a cleaner look without those twisted pull strings and they’re easy to use. These window coverings are a wise decision for families with small kids because there aren’t cords for the kids to get caught in. Your primary decision is, which cordless window treatment option in New Brunswick will you choose? Roller and motorized shades along with interior shutters all provide you the benefits of cordless window treatments.

Cordless motor shades in a dining room

Cordless Roller Shades Provide The Equivalent Upside Without The Strings

Roller shades are popular for New Brunswick houses because they come in a wide range of colors, materials, and levels of opacity to get the visual dynamic you want.Commonly, you move roller shades with a beaded chain or string to open and close. However, that chain or string will take away from the clean appearance of your shades, become twisted, or swing and slap against the glass when air is circulating.

Cord-free roller shades offer all of the same benefits without the hassle of a cord. Instead, they have a pull bar attached on the lower end of the roller shade that you hold to pull the shade open or closed. This prevents twisting and swinging and gives the shade the sleek appeal associated with this window treatment. In place of a messy string, you see only the distinct design of your room-enhancing roller shades.

Plantation shutters in a dining room 

Polywood® Shutters Present An Alternative To Traditional Blinds And Shades

One solution for going cordless is to forgo traditional shades and blinds entirely and turn to interior shutters instead. These sturdy window treatments are crafted very differently from other window treatments. Shutters have wood or a durable wood-substitute that connect within the window opening and swing out to the sides on hinges when you want to welcome an abundance of light. You can also manipulate the slats within the panels to direct light.

Many shutters function with a tilt rod that is used to move the slats. When you have products without a tilt rod, you can manually guide the planks to move them. Both styles are well-liked cordless window treatment options in New Brunswick since they offer eye-catching contours that accentuate the decor of all types of homes. Innovative Polywood® shutters are known for being extra damage-resistant and durable. You can confidently put them in a wet area like behind a kitchen sink or within sun-splashed windows, and they will hold up against the challenging environment and excessive sunshine.

Motorized shades in a living room

Automated Shades Broaden Your Cordless Window Treatment Options In New Brunswick

Coverings that use cords can test your patience. You need to pull the cord just right to adjust them to the exact spot you want. Or, you can end the frustration with automated roller shades. They function with an electric device that you operate with a remote controller or mobile app. You have the ability to change the position of your window shades without cords and without moving from the comfort of your couch. You even have the option to program smart motorized shades to change settings on a schedule to block the sun’s rays in the afternoon or add privacy in the evening.

Most window shades offer motorized styles, allowing you to choose from various cordless window treatment options in New Brunswick. You might install remote-controlled cellular shades in one area for better energy efficiency or distinctive powered Roman shades in a fancier sitting room. Or adjust the light level in your work space without moving from your chair with automated zebra shades.


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