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Incorporating Windows In a New Brunswick Remodel Project

April 10, 2017

At long last, the time is here. You’re ready to dive into that home project you’ve been thinking of for months. But before you start doing any DIY work or invite your favorite New Brunswick remodeler in, you should be sure you’re planning everything out effectively–especially when it comes to how you integrate windows and window treatments such as shutters into your project.

Let’s talk through what you need to do before, during, and after your remodel to make it look phenomenal for years to come.

Realize How Important Windows Are to Your Remodel

Most remodelers will agree that windows are one of the most important pieces of home architecture. Windows are mainly responsible for letting in light, which can drastically impact how a room looks regardless of any other design choice inside. So before you get too far into your remodel, think about any changes you’d want to see in your windows. Do you want more light coming in? Would you want better control over that sunlight? Do you need better privacy, noise control, etc.?

Thinking about any of those questions can have a big impact on how your remodel goes, so give your windows some attention and the time they deserve.

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Involve Your Window Treatment Provider Early In the Project

If window treatments will be an element of your remodel, try to get your window treatment provider talking to your home designer early in the process. With lots of moving parts in a home redesign, there are many benefits in getting all your contractors talking:

  • Each contractor can get a working timeline in place, making the project go quicker and easier.

  • Your window treatment dealer can get in, get window measurements, and provide ideas upfront, before any other work happens.

  • Less of a chance of mistakes made in a remodel that leaves you with anything other than your dream home.

  • A more cohesive direction for the style of your home - making for a better looking final product.

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It’s also helpful to a window treatment dealer that has worked with home designers before. Sunburst Shutters New Brunswick is familiar with several New Brunswick designers and contractors, so we know how to best work with those professionals.

Choosing a window treatment company that often works with home designers can give you a better idea of what your finished space will look like, as well as reduce how long you have to wait before you can enjoy your reimagined space, in addition to a spectacular looking finished product.

Ready to Remodel?

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