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New Brunswick Home Fashion: Why Windows Are Important

July 09, 2018

When you think about renovating, redesigning, or just refreshing the looks of your New Brunswick home, what’s on your list?

New flooring? New furniture? Maybe new appliances or cabinets and finish?

What if we told you that you could make a huge impact with less money by focusing on something else?

Your priority should be your windows and window treatments. We’ll tell you why.

Natural Light Plays a Huge Role

It can’t be overstated how big a part natural light plays in how your house looks and feels. The more light that comes inside, the more your space can look washed out and faded, no matter what colors you’re using. Too little light, and it might look drab and dim, regardless of how much work you put in.

To make things worse, the angle that sunlight comes in will change as the day goes on, so there’s never going to be one constant level of light that makes your space look great.

To combat this, think about window treatments that can be adjusted easily and quickly. Our recommendations are roller shades or plantation shutters.

New Brunswick dining room design

Windows Will Influence Other Parts Of Your Home Fashion

You can always move furniture. You can change lighting (somewhat). You can even take out parts of walls when you renovate. But windows are usually there to stay, unless you’re willing to spend a lot of time and money.

So what you should do is decide the role you want your windows to play, and then design around that. Would you prefer the large windows were the focal point of the room? Open up the space around the window and pick a window treatment with stunning, eye-catching colors to grab attention. Would you rather the windows act as an accent that highlights other things in the room? In that case, choose something like neutral tone Polywood shutters to guide eyes across the room.

New Brunswick dining room concept

Either way, start with the windows, and work from there.

Windows Are The Eyes Of The Home

It might be cliche to call windows “the eyes of the home,” but that doesn’t make it not true. Throughout the day, the eyes of passersby are drawn to the windows.

New Brunswick exterior window shutter 
Take advantage of that by putting in window treatments that accentuate your windows and your home. Some great ideas for that are:
  • Plantation shutters - The big louvers and crisp lines of shutters actually tend to make your window look larger than other window treatment options.

  • Accent drapes - Drapes that adorn the top corners of your window can help create a stunning silhouette when the sun sets and your indoor lights are on.

  • Custom roller shades - Attention-grabbing shades drawn halfway down your window can add some flair to a somewhat neutral home exterior.

Start With the Windows, Finish With Your Dream Home

So if you’re thinking about a fresh look for your home, windows should easily be one of your priorities. When you’re ready, Sunburst New Brunswick can help. Give us a call at 732-301-6168 or complete the form below to get your free in-home consultation at your own leisure.