Sunroom Window Treatment Ideas In New Brunswick

Mike Horn

A sunroom that is light and airy can become the best room in your New Brunswick house. Its large windows and generous natural light make it the perfect place to entertain guests, relax with a crossword puzzle, or watch a summer storm.

To turn your sunroom into the most popular space in your home, it’s important to control for light throughout the day and keep the room temperature comfortable. You might even need to redecorate the space. A good place to begin is with your window treatments. Choose a window treatment that gives you a view of outside and lets the natural light in but also allows you to cover your windows for energy efficiency and privacy.

The exact type of window treatment you purchase depends on your energy efficiency needs, your style, and your budget. Here are some window treatment ideas for sunrooms in New Brunswick to make your sunroom the most popular room in your house.

Classic Plantation Shutters

White plantation shutters covering windows in a sunroom
A classic window treatment option is plantation shutters which let the sun’s light stream into your sunroom. Plantation shutters are a customized window treatment that becomes a permanent fixture in your sunroom and can increase your home’s value. Their big louvers provide a pretty view of the outdoors when they’re opened. They’re easy to adjust for light control and privacy - and simple to clean. If you would like to open up your sunroom windows to let in a cool breeze, just swing out your plantation shutters.

Sunrooms have many windows which give you a nice view of your yard. But with all the glass, your sunroom often isn’t energy efficient. Polywood® plantation shutters help insulate your sunroom. They reduce heat transfer by 45% and are up to 70% more energy efficient than regular wooden shutters. This makes it so you can have the sun shine into your sunroom during the day and close your shutters when it’s night to maintain the room’s temperature.

UV-Blocking Window Film

Sunroom with wicker chairs overlooking water with UV window film

Window film provides a full view through your sunroom windows. It blocks 99% of the sun’s UV rays while letting natural light pass through into the room. Window film both absorbs and reflects the sun’s energy so you can keep your sunroom at the most comfortable temperature. Plus, it makes your HVAC system work less, which lowers your utility bills.

Window film also keeps your carpeting and furniture looking their best. The sunlight that beats through your windows can fade and discolor your furniture and carpeting. But windows that have window film prevent fading so that your carpet and furnishings retain its vibrant colors. You can add options such as privacy tinting to window film so that you can see outside but others can’t look into your sunroom. You can also combine window film with other window treatments including shades or plantation shutters for extra energy efficiency.

Decorative Roman Shades

Roman shades covering window in sunroom

Roman shades are another sunroom window treatment that lets you easily control the light levels in the room. They are available in a large selection of fabrics and patterns and a variety of styles like modern, classic, and contemporary.

Pull down the shades when you need less natural light and more privacy. Pull them back up when you want a bright, sunlit room where you can see outside. You can add options such as privacy liners, cordless lift systems and motorization, and decorative scallops and trims. If you want to increase energy efficiency, it’s important to buy shades built from the right material. Shades that are made from heavier material will offer more insulation than lighter shades.

Discover Window Treatments For Your Sunroom

If you want more ideas for window treatments for your sunroom or other areas in your house, browse through our Room Guide. Then when you’re ready to order the perfect custom window treatment for your sunroom in New Brunswick, give us a call at 732-301-6168 to schedule your free in-home consultation. We’ll walk you through all of your options to turn your sunroom into the coziest space in your house.