The Sunburst Share Your Shutters Winner for Fall 2017

Mike Horn

Shout outs to the latest Share Your Shutters winner: Chelsey Rushworth! Her winning submission to #ShareYourShutters highlights a few spots in her home decked out with stunning new Polywood faux wood plantation shutters that beautifully accentuate both her home’s architecture and her own unique style.


Chelsey, who goes by Taste of Coffey on Instagram, is a Boston-based home designer with a unique eye for matching colors in her decorating. A quick look at her space shows how she mixes and matches whites, off-whites, and muted shades for a look that’s welcoming and comfortable, but fashionable all at the same time.

Chelsey even has a few pieces of advice for homeowners in New Brunswick and around the country:

  • Have a color scheme. When you go about decorating a room, you can always adjust colors to customize it. Make sure to utilize colors either from your home’s color pallet or ones that can complement it.

  • Be adaptable in how you use colors. I picked shutters that are vibrant white and most of my furniture is gray, either fabric or weathered wood. So I decided to add in splashes of white and color accents.

Not only does Chelsey have a great eye for color, but her use of space in her design is great as well. From her chairs that lead the eyes right up to the wall and her plantation shutters, to the way her shelving lines up perfectly under the window, Chelsey’s home is modern, practical, and extremely livable without ever seeming overwhelming.

As our #ShareYourShutters winner for Fall, Chelsey will receive a gift card to a great restaurant in Boston, in addition to having her designs featured here. To see more of her work, click over to her design site at

And if you believe the shutters in your home look great enough to be our next winner, share them on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #ShareYourShutters. Let’s get another New Brunswick house featured here!