What Are The Different Styles of Interior Shutters?

Mike Horn

Interior shutters can be made to fit the unique windows in your residence. But not all indoor shutters are alike. There are a number of different styles of shutter to available, and different options within those styles with regards to construction, louver width, and more.

Let's talk about the various choices you have for interior shutters, and how each one can add to your house.

Interior Plantation Shutters In New Brunswick, NJ

Plantation Shutters In A New Brunswick Living Room.

Photo credit: Jane Cunningham, Room Resolutions

Plantation shutters in New Brunswick are the preferred type of shutters because they let in the light readily when open, save on energy when closed – and emanate beauty no matter if open or closed.
The wide louvers, or shutter slats, are one of the attributes that make plantation shutters stand out from other window treatments. The louvers range from 2.5” to 4.5” wide. These larger slats give you more view from your window and let more light into the home. Attaching all the louvers together, the stiles are the firm vertical members of the shutter panel, that helps the louvers move in unison.
We offer four superior types of indoor plantation shutters that are custom built to fit your windows just right: Polywood®Ovation® woodReclaimed Wood, and Studio Shutters.
Polywood Shutters 
Made from a premium synthetic wood substitute, Polywood shutters won’t warp, split, crack, or chip. The premium paint color on these indoor shutters won't fade or yellow when the sun beats down on them because of our unique baked-on paint finish infused with UV stabilizers.
Ovation wood shutters 
Ovation shutters are handmade with solid teak and come in a variety of stains to enhance your current furniture and decor.
 Reclaimed Wood Shutters
Reclaimed Wood shutters are made from repurposed wood that was at one time a part of fences, barns and other structures. Each piece of wood is unique, and together they make not only a functional shutter, but a beautiful work of art on your windows.
The most recent addition to the Sunburst family, Studio Shutters are a streamlined plantation shutter that has the same clean style as our Polywood shutters. With a few less add-ons than other plantation shutters, Studio shutters are a perfect option for homeowners who don't want to break the bank with their window coverings.

Traditional Colonial Shutters 

Traditional Colonial Shutters
If you want smaller louvers and a traditional look, colonial shutters are an older option for New Brunswick.
Colonial louver sizes commonly range from 0.75” to 1.25”.
We won’t hide the fact that plantation shutters are the preferred shutters in New Brunswick. When you want shutters that exude charm and are energy efficient, louver size matters. Whereas colonial shutters are made with smaller louvers, Polywood and Ovation plantation shutters – which are built for beauty and energy efficiency – are top pick. And don’t forget: larger louvers are easier to clean and adjust.
Are the differences in shutters somewhat clearer now? If you could use a partner in finding the perfect shutter fit for your New Brunswick home, call Sunburst Shutters New Brunswick at 732-301-6168 for a free design consultation today.